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Visa letter to obtain visa upon arrrival

Processing time 2-7 working days

To obtain a visa on arrival, the visa applicant is required to submit a visa letter which functions as an official permission allowing you to board the flight and have visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam. 

To get visa stamped, you need to submit your Vietnam approval letter together with your passport (at least 6 months validity), one passport-sized photo, entry and exit form and pay a stamping fee to Immigration Officers at the airport.

We can provide you different type of visa letter depending of the type of visa (tourist or business) and the duration of your stay in Vietnam.


– 1 Month single tourist visa
– 1 month multiple tourist visa
– 3 Months single tourist visa
– 3 months multiple tourist visa


– 1 Month single Business Visa
– 1 Month Multiple Business Visa
– 3 Months Single Business Visa
– 3 Months Multiple Business Visa
– 6 Months Multiple Business Visa ( NOT available atm)
– 12 Months Multiple Business Visa ( NOT available atm)


– 6 Months Tourist Visa
– 12 Months Tourist Visa
– 6 Months Multiple Business Visa
– 12 Months Multiple Business Visa

How to process the visa letter and how much it costs?
All you have to do is send us a copy of your passport and date of arrival in the country, and we email you the proper letter once it is ready. (please note that you cannot arrive before the date you have indicated)
Rates are often changed by the Authorities, so please ask us for current price. 

You will also have to pay the stamp fees by yourself, directly to the immigration officers at the airport :

– 1 month single entry – 25USD
– 1 Months Multiple Entry – 50USD
– 3 Months Single Entry – 25USD
– 3 Months Multiple Entries – 50USD
– 6 Months Single Entry – 25USD
– 6 Months Multiple Entries – 95USD
– 1 Year Multiple Entries – 135USD

How to make payment?
Please make payment of the visa letter at our office in Hanoi or transfer the money into our bank account.

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